Hello!  I have this site primarily as a place to test code for sites I develop.  I have a rich history of building web pages including creation of graphics, integration of social media and online storefronts, and usage of analytics. As a result I have helped a variety of companies implement an online presence to better engage their audiences.

My passion for working with computers started in the days of Apple IIe and dial-up internet, and I even took a class on programming basic back in 1990.

I have a degree in Mass Communications, earned from Middle Tennessee State University in 2002.  I have a passion for music and apparently hear it differently from your average person.  For over 20 years I have played the drums/percussion,  keyboards/piano, some guitar/bass and still enjoy writing & recording songs in my studio.  I have performed with the Spirit of Atlanta, 44 Vegas, the Skamikazes, Catch 22, the Wayside, Blackout, and a wide variety of orchestras, symphonic bands, marching bands and percussion ensembles.  I’ve recorded live and in studios, made more money than I thought I would with music and had songs on the radio. The largest crowd I’ve performed for was about 15,000.

Many people know me through my work with the Tennessee Film, Ent. & Music Commission or Barrett Firearms. I am also a member of the Sigma Omicron Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon (see my profile), of Mt. Moriah Lodge #18 F&AM, and of the Blackman Community Club.  I also officiate wedding ceremonies, DJ events and have my security guard license.

I’ve been happily married to my wife, Christi, since 2003 and together we have a wonderful son. Naturally, my time spent with them is my most valuable possession.